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Pet of the Month


Meet Soco Posey Our May Pet of the Month:

Soco is a lab mix that was born in her owner’s home 9 years ago, when they lived in California. She is the matriarch of the family and “mommies” the other pets in the house. Her owners became worried about her when they noticed she had lost weight despite no change in her diet. While she normally weighed around 70 pounds, she had dropped to an alarming 54 pounds. Her owners brought her in to see Dr. Bell, who recommended a full panel of lab work. Everything appeared normal, not giving a clear diagnosis. When her owners brought her back for a follow up, she had lost even more weight and was now having diarrhea. Dr. Bell did another blood panel and x-rays. The lab work came back normal again, but her x-rays showed something strange in her stomach. Soco was scheduled to come back for follow up x-rays, but those came back normal. Soco was miserable and her owners were considering euthanasia because they didn’t want her to suffer. Dr. Bell wanted to run one final test, which thankfully led to her diagnosis! She was diagnosed with a deficiency called EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). This means her pancreas wasn’t making the digestive enzymes her body needed to digest her food properly. She was started on a special enzyme powder mixed in her food and weekly injections. Once diagnosed and stabilized, she has done very well and is back to “mommying” her furry family.

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